International Assistance Dog Week at Modern Practice Solutions

International Assistance Dog Week

by Kristi May MS, CVPM, LVMT, BSA, AHT, ABCDT, CHA Cert Riding Lesson Instructor, CHA EFM, Cert Equine Nutrition, Cert Animal Cognitive Behavior August 4-10, 2019 is International Assistance Dog Week (IADW)! IADW was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability-related limitations. The goals of IADW are to:…
HIPAA Audit Logs Blog - Modern Practice Solutions

The Importance of Audit Logs

By: Jodie Cannon, BS, HCISPP Some of the top breaches happen due to unauthorized users accessing ePHI. What exactly is an unauthorized user? An unauthorized user is any individual(s) who have not been authorized or have not been given access to ePHI. It is the person or persons who used the protected health information or…

UPDATE Membership Plans

This video addresses the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s recent position regarding dental service plans.
Workplace Violence Policy Blog at Modern Practice Solutions

Workplace Violence Policy & Abusive Conduct Prevention Policy

By Olivia Wann, JD Have you been bullied in the workplace?  “Bullying” and abusive conduct may include persistent, multiple, unreasonable incidents that offend, degrade, intimidate, or humiliate a person. Bullying includes acts of cruelty, belittlement, degradation, yelling or screaming, excessive or unjustified criticism, public reprimand or behavior intended to punish, such as ignoring or excluding…

CDC Publishes New Guidelines for TB

by Olivia Wann, JD Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published new guidelines, Tuberculosis Screening, Testing, and Treatment of U.S. Health Care Personnel: Recommendations from the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association and CDC on May 17, 2019.  These revised recommendations update those published in year 2005.  The goal in healthcare is to provide early identification…
Risk Analysis/Risk Management at Modern Practice Solutions

Risk Analysis/Risk Management

Has your organization completed a current Risk Assessment? Do you have a Risk Management Work Plan in your office? by Jodie Cannon, BS, OSHA/HIPAA Consultant All ePHI that is created, received, maintained, or transmitted by an organization is subject to the HIPAA Security Rule. What is the HIPAA Security Rule exactly? “The HIPAA Security Rule…
HIPAA & Cybersecurity blog

HIPAA and Cybersecurity

Are you practicing good “Cyber Hygiene”? by Jodie Cannon, BS, OSHA/HIPAA Consultant It’s no secret that HIPAA regulatory compliance can be very time consuming and substantially increase costs. Confusing, obtuse regulations written in difficult to understand language can be bewildering and overwhelming for healthcare organizations, especially small to midsize organizations with limited management resources. HIPAA…

The Importance of HIPAA Training

by Jodie Cannon, BS, OSHA/HIPAA Consultant A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that over half of data breaches are caused by internal issues – many of which are directly related to a lack of effective employee training. You can read more about the recent study at https://www.hcinnovationgroup.com/cybersecurity/news/13030905/study-internal-negligence-not-hackers-responsible-for-half-of-data-breaches. Clearly employee…
10 Common Questions about HIPAA, Answered

10 Most Common Questions about HIPAA

by Jodie Cannon, BS, OSHA/HIPAA Consultant We get a lot of questions from our clients and thought we would share some of the most frequent with you: Q. When can we say we are HIPAA compliant? A. We get this question a lot. There is no definitive answer on this. However, based on what we…