Onsite OSHA/HIPAA Training

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Onsite OSHA & HIPAA Services

Our onsite programs have been one of our most popular services, particularly for new clients.


The OSHA program includes a site audit to determine compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, the Hazard Communication Standard, and CDC’s infection control guidelines. We evaluate work flow and assess the level of adherence to the requirements and guidelines.

  • We audit documentation on file and provide signage and labels. The confidential Corrective Action Report details our findings and includes a Work Plan for remediation.
  • During the training session, we incorporate our findings to enhance the learning experience and promote positive changes.
  • If the session includes safety policies, we will demonstrate how to use the materials to your Safety Coordinator.
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Our HIPAA program includes the required HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. Our consultants will work through a series of questions that assess the administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, and technical safeguards currently in place in your practice. Once this data is collected, we generate a detailed Risk Assessment and a corresponding Work Plan.

Our consultants will request the Business Associate Agreements on your behalf and build out your Privacy and Security policies. During the site visit, we will demonstrate to your Privacy/Security Officer how to use the materials.

Why choose an onsite program?

Onsite programs allow our consultants to make a thorough assessment of your compliance in order to close any gaps. It’s not a matter of merely checking off a box. We are focused on actual compliance because that’s what it comes down to if you are audited.

What’s Included

Onsite programs include year-long access to online learning for your new hires. We also include support to address your concerns and questions during the year.

We’ll help you design a compliance program that meets your needs and your practice budget. Call us today at 931-232-7738 to customize an OSHA and HIPAA compliance program that meets your needs in today’s complex regulatory environment.

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“Mrs. Eva was absolutely wonderful!  She made sure the OSHA safety coordinators and herself were on the same page before the meeting started!  She was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had!  Mrs. Eva was very nice and made sure we understood everything before moving on to the next subject!  We will definitely be looking forward to having her again next year!  Thank you, Mrs. Eva!!”

Jessica Foxx
Office Billing, Insurance and Safety Coordinator, Memphis, Tennessee

“My first experience with Olivia Wann was at an OSHA class I took with her a few years ago.  I could tell then that she was so knowledgeable and wanted to help in any way that she could.  We hired her company Modern Practice Solutions to come out and do a Mock OSHA Inspection of our practice.  Our Compliance Consultant was Eva Loring and she was not only very professional, but she was so friendly, too. She made something that most people dread a very pleasurable experience.  I have spoke to several of the staff members of Modern Practice Solutions and they all have been so helpful in answering any questions in a very timely manner.  We would definitely highly recommend them.”

K. M., Memphis, Tennessee

“Marie did an outstanding job delivering the OSHA & HIPAA training to our full staff today!  She is a pleasant person, very knowledgeable trainer and a very willing resource.  She is most definitely an asset to your organization.  Thanks to your entire team!”

M. D., Office Manager, locations in Hendersonville and Madison, Tennessee

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